360 Degree Feedback (Multi-Rater Feedback Tool)

A Powerful Competency-based Leadership Development Tool

Today’s organizations are faced with both increased competition and a dramatic change in the expectations of their customers and employees. The ability to meet these challenges requires responsiveness, a willingness to change, and accountability at every level in the organization. To help your people become the real competitive difference, conducting a 360 degree feedback can be your best catalyst for authentic change.

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Developed initially for the Asian culture, where culturally, employees are less comfortable giving feedback openly, particularly to their bosses, the NBOGroup 360 Feedback tool is an online multi-rater feedback system that allows employees to give feedback on their colleagues and bosses in a confidential and non-threatening way. With the dual scale frequency gap methodology, raters are able to give honest feedback objectively and constructively. Participants are also able to receive the feedback with a positive attitude that motivates them to act on their personal development plans.

Benefits of NBOGroup 360 Degree Feedback

User-Friendly System & Well-Managed Feedback Process



User-Friendly System

Raters can save their progress and work at their own pace; Responses are saved in real-time


Fully Customizable

Survey questions, rater groups, rating scales.


Online Access

Raters can access their personal 360 accounts any time, any where


Leadership Development Guide (Optional)

Complement your people’s development with What Bosses Want, Asia’s only leadership competencies development guide book


Multi-Language Support

Accommodate your raters by providing them surveys in their native languages, all managed within a single project


Easy-to-Read PDF Reports

Participants will get an Individual Report plus an Interpretation & Development Guide to help them get started on their Personal Development Plan


Pre & Post-Survey Support

Not sure how to run a well-managed 360? We’ll teach you the best practices, from conducting pre-survey briefings to guiding participants on their development journey


Dual Scale Frequency Gap

Proven 360 methodology that encourages honest, constructive feedback that is more accurate and non-threatening


Online Nomination of Raters

Participants can nominate their raters online; HR/Management can review and amend the submissions


Unlimited Raters

Each rater will receive a PDF user guide with practical tips on how to give constructive feedback


Comprehensive Analysis

Get the absolutely-need-to-know from the concise Basic report; Upgrade to Premium report for more in-depth analysis

Customizable 360 Feedback For Your Needs

From identifying competencies and questions, to guiding your people on their own development plans — whether you prefer to outsource the entire 360 degree feedback process or manage your own — we can work with you to customize a 360 feedback project on a flexible range of project sizes and budgets.

What you will receive
Optional Add-Ons

Standard 360 Feedback Package

360 Feedback standard competencies & questions
Leadership 360 / Team 360 / Sales 360 / EQ 360 / Engagement 360

Unlimited raters

Pre-survey support
All ratees/raters will receive a PDF user guide with guidelines on how to complete the feedback online

Survey administration & support
We administer your feedback survey – including launching the survey, scheduling reminders and sending you daily progress updates – and provide rater support throughout this process to ensure a successful 360 run

360 Individual reports (PDF)
Individual reports are sent directly to the ratees after the survey is closed. Choose between our Core or Premium report

Post-survey support
Ratees will also receive an Interpretation & Development Guide (PDF), along with their reports, to guide them on how to interpret their 360 individual results and steps to create their personal development plan

Recommended add-on services to maximize your 360 results:

Survey customization
Customize the feedback survey using your core competencies to more accurately measure strengths and identify development needs that is relevant to your organization

Pre-survey briefing sessions
Pre-survey briefings are important in setting the expectations of the ratees and raters and ensuring a clear and transparent 360 degree feedback process that encourages active participation from the group

Post-survey results workshops
Post-survey results workshops are a great starting point in supporting your ratees in their development after a 360 feedback survey. Participants will learn how to interpret their 360 results and get hands-on with their development plans during the session

What Bosses Want (Leadership competency guide)
An exclusive leadership competency building guide to complement and support your people’s development. What Bosses Want can be used independently or with a 360 degree feedback report to create an actionable development plan

Management report (Group results, PDF)
Receive a consolidated report of how your group of ratees is performing. Find out where the team’s strengths lie and what areas need improvement

Management briefing & analysis
We present to your management team, the overall 360 feedback results, analysis and recommendations for training and development needs at an organization level. Certain industry benchmarks are also available upon request

1-on-1 360 Feedback Coaching
Private 1-hour coaching session with an experienced NBO coach. The coaching session provides your ratees with an unbiased third party perspective to guide them through making key behavioral changes and to motivate them in following through their development plans. Research has shown that 360 degree feedback with one-to-one coaching can increase leadership effectiveness by up to 60%

360 Feedback / Coaching Certification (Internal staff training)
We offer customized certification programs to train and certify your internal staff and coaches in 3 ways: 1) Pre-survey – understanding 360 feedback, conducting ratees/raters briefings; 2) Post-survey – facilitating a results workshop, guiding ratees on development plans; 3) 360 Coaching – analyzing individual results, initiating 1:1 coaching conversations

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