Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Bridging The Gap Between Generations

Business Executives today are in a perception quandary: “How do we operate effectively across our workforce with generational differences?”

Executives and supervisors are younger, with a growing percentage of supervisors being even younger than their subordinates. 88% of companies worry about recruiting older people because of potential supervisor-worker conflict. (Source: “The Aging Workforce in Singapore: Managing Intergenerational Issues of Generation Y and Baby Boomers at the Workplace,” Civil Service College)

A Kelly Services’ survey of 100,000 employees scored Singapore as the 2nd lowest in generational awareness, particularly of Gen Y supervisors. The Gen Y enthusiasm for more responsibility may not be matched by their soft skills (listening, interpersonal, communication).

Improve Communication & Understanding Between Multiple Generations In The Workplace

There is a general misperception of how different generations think about one another when it comes to communicating in the workplace.

For instance, the perception that younger managers or workers want virtual meetings, social media experiences and instant messaging; and that older managers and employees need direct statements and meetings to operate effectively.

But perception is the friend of misperception.

Studies have shown that younger generations (80% of Millennials and 78% of Gen X-ers) prefer face-to-face communication with their colleagues and managers. (Source: “Why Face-To-Face Will Always Matter,” CT Business Travel) They use technology, but want face-to-face interaction for instructions, goal setting, feedback, career counseling etc.

We need to correct many of these misperceptions to improve our inter-generational working relationships and productivity. We need to be “generation” smart!

Increase Engagement, Productivity & Build Trust Across Generations In The Workplace

Using the SMART strategy, this 1-day program will equip participants to:

  • Increase engagement through peer to peer feedback and coaching across generations and cultures
  • Bridge the “generation gap” and “culture gap”
  • Build inter-generational trust
  • Break generational and cultural “Stereotyping”
  • Understand the impact Culture has in the workplace

It’s About Results

What Participants Say:

Asset 215

“Fantastic program that has really opened my eyes to generational issues that I wouldn’t have been usually aware of.”

Asset 213

“Very interesting program with lots of educational insights. What I learned will be useful in my workplace and it will not only help me in my relationships with my colleagues and bosses but also my family.”

Asset 214

“Very good! This program really helped increase my knowledge about working with different generations.”