The C-Suite Plus By NBO

As responsibilities grow, your communication skills can help you succeed — or hold you back.  In any business role or function, your ability to convey your ideas in ways that drive effective decision-making, collaboration and action are crucial for success.

In the C-Suite Plus by NBO, you will learn the communication skills, techniques and tools used by the world’s most successful business leaders. Through experiential exercises, small group activities, leading edge methodology and frameworks, you will acquire NBO’s proven approaches and put these techniques into practice.

The C-Suite Plus by NBO comprises five programs. Each program is individually powerful and can be selected as stand-alone programs. However, when participating collectively as a suite, the results are transformational.

Why The C-Suite Plus By NBO

  • We measure participants’ before-and-after improvement and progress from the C-Suite Plus by NBO.
  • Our integrative and structured approach allows participants to achieve maximum retention, as well as reinforcement of learning at each phase.
  • Participants are taught using the latest pedagogical techniques and drilled rigorously.
  • We incorporate pre-program surveys, assignments, multiple video recordings, measurement tools, blended learning, case studies, experiential learning, active participation, fun exercises, 1-1 coaching, meaningful reflections and post-program follow-ups.
  • Participants use their business scenarios throughout the C-Suite Plus by NBO – to enable immediate demonstration and application of results.

Feedback From Participants